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Jr/Sr Kindergarten: Pop, Pop, Pop...Strengthening Our Fine Motor Skills

At a recent second circle, the kindergarten class participated in a fun activity meant to strengthen hands and improve fine motor skills: popping bubble wrap!

Children gathered around the tables and each received a large strip of bubble wrap. Giggling and other sounds of excitement could be heard throughout the room. Then…POP, POP, POP sounds filled the air! Some kids chose a methodical method of popping one bubble at a time while others tried to see how many they could pop at once.

Little did they know from all of this fun that they were doing important work too! Strengthening hand muscles is very important for young children do so that they are successful at holding a pencil and doing other works in the classroom. After observing the children hard at work on this activity, they are well on their way to strong hands and excellent fine motor skills!

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