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Pre-Primary: Making Music...

Many sounds and noises can be heard in the Pre-Primary classroom during a morning work-time; friends visiting with one another as they work, chairs being pulled out and pushed in, inanimate objects being given voice and sound by children, and teachers talking with children. Another sound that can be heard is the “plink, plink” of the Tap-a-Tune piano. This work can be found on the Music shelf and encourages children to explore music through matching colors.

They first get out the longest work rug we have and spread the felt staff across it. They match the felt musical notes to the corresponding colored notes on the staff. Once all the notes are laid out, they can play a song by pressing the colored keys on the tap a tune according to the order of the notes on the felt staff (spoiler alert! The song is “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”). The children have been learning about what a scale is and that different notes represent a different tone. Another favorite pastime with the Tap-a-Tune piano is going up and down the scale from highest to lowest tones and from lowest to highest. A few of the children play the song to completion, but only on one occasion has a sing along broken out!

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