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Kindergarten: Journey to Thailand

This past week the Kindergarten class celebrated the culture of Thailand. We learned how to say hello in Thai, studied where Thailand is located on the continent of Asia, explored different types of food, spices, and clothing found in Thailand, and we read many stories about Thailand, including the Thai lullaby story, Hush.

On the morning of our celebration, one of our teachers gathered the children at circle for a Thailand presentation. She carried a backpack filled with many items she would need on her pretend trip to the country. One by one, she removed different objects and explained the significance of each: a water pitcher so that she could join in a water celebration, a candle to honor Buddhism, Thai money so that she could purchase items at a Thai market, and Thai fruit so that she could feed elephants. The children loved taking this imaginary journey!

For the rest of the morning, the class explored different works and art projects and made Thai spring rolls and Jasmine rice for snack. Our morning ended with a special “Thai Tiger Dance” set to traditional Thai music


Many kids were overheard saying “This is the best morning ever!” so it seems that fun was had by all on this special day.

Making Thai spring rolls!

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