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Preschool: Scrubbing

It was quite clear that a four-year old boy knew exactly which work he wanted to begin his morning. He went right over to the practical life shelf and chose the work, which was presented at morning circle; cow scrubbing. He gently placed the tray onto the table. Then he filled up the pitcher with water and carefully poured it into the bowl. Next he slowly dipped the scrub brush into the water and scraped the surface of a bar of soap with the brush. The boy proceeded with great focus to use the brush along with a sponge to clean the toy cow.

Once he was satisfied, he proudly admired his work and got ready to clean up, which was a work in itself. First he rinsed off the brush and squeezed out the extra water and soap from the sponge. The water was discarded in a red bucket and he dried all of the materials with a cloth. At last, the work was all ready for the next friend to use and he carried it back to the shelf where he found it. Many of the children gravitate to any works which involve water, especially this one. The animals are rotated out to add variety. Who knew scrubbing could be so fun?!

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