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Pre-Primary: Composting and Recycling…

We recently introduced the compost bin and recycling bin into the classroom. They were introduced as a part of our peace curriculum. We talked about how we need to care for the earth because the earth provides for us and that recycling and composting are two ways to do that. We highlighted what items could go into the compost bin (vegetable and fruit scraps) and what items could go into the recycling bin (paper and cardboard).

The day after the presentation, part of snack was carrots. One child placed his remaining carrots into the compost bin when he was cleaning up his snack. His friends at the table watched him. The next friend that was done carefully opened the compost bin and peered in, then put his left over snap pea into the bin. The two remaining friends made a line behind their friend and ceremoniously placed their remaining vegetables into the bin. When they were done, they both squatted down, lifted the lid and examined the contents for a few moments. One boy reached in a pulled a napkin out of the compost bin and dropped it in the laundry bin.

“The land is where our roots are. The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth.” -Maria Montessori

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