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Pine Grove is a charming, wood-shingled schoolhouse nestled in a grove of pine trees. It graces the site of the town of Falmouth’s very first schoolhouse. The building began as a one-room schoolhouse in 1917 and expanded in 1941 to include two additional classrooms, and space on the lower level, which is now our Seedlings classroom. Pine Grove was carefully restored to maintain its historic and aesthetic qualities, which, combined with the surrounding natural environment and our thoughtfully designed playground, provide a unique, inspired setting for the young child.


We are fortunate to border a 27-acre wooded park preserve which provides limitless opportunities for hands-on nature exploration. Classes can often be found in our "courtyard," walking the nature trail and attending gatherings in the pine grove.

  • 1809 - There has been a school on the Rt. 88 site since 1809! The neighborhood school was called the “Point School” then. The name was derived from the location – near the area known as Macworth Point.

  • 1864 - Property deeded from John Anderson to Adams Merrill

  • 1916 - A brick school house was built on the property and named Pine Grove School. A few days before the school opened in 1916 it burned down. Because of the fire, students from Pine Grove had to transfer to the newly-constructed Underwood School, riding the Yarmouth Street Railway Lines to reach the

       temporary school.

  • 1917 - The new Pine Grove School was built – completed September 1,

       1917. Pine Grove began as a one room shingled school house built

       with a stone and brick foundation. The original structure is now

       our Jr/Sr Kindergarten classroom.

  • 1924 - The George Woodward family owned the property and

       deeded the 32 acres surrounding the school to the town

       (see 2/15/78 Jenkins Evening Express article titled “Pine Grove

       Park”) to be permanently used as a public nature preserve. The

       deed also transferred to the town of Falmouth approx. ¼ acre for

       use as a school lot.

  • 1941 - 2 additional classrooms were added on to the rear of the building

       (now 3 classrooms total). The school now served grades K-3.

  • 1953 - Ester O’Brien started teaching at Pine Grove. She was teacher/principal for 24 years (1953-1977). After Pine Grove closed, she later transitioned to Lunt School where she continued to teach 1st grade.

  • 1962 - A portion of the basement was converted into additional classroom space. Lunch was served from the current kitchen area by special permission from the Dept. of Ed. Meals were prepared at Lunt School and brought to the school daily.

  • 1964 - The Underwood School on Rt. 88 closed. Pine Grove ceased using basement classrooms as they are in ill repair,     and now served two 1st grades and K (2 sessions) only.

  • 1977 - Pine Grove School closes in June, due to low enrollment. The school district was consolidated to increase access to other facilities – library, phy. ed., art and music. In 1978 it was sold through closed bid by the town of Falmouth to a private party. It remained boarded up for 6 years.

  • 1984 - In December, Pine Grove Partners (Barbara J. Fifield & Paula Silsby) purchased the historic schoolhouse and restored the building, taking care to preserve many of its historic features.

  • 1985 - In June, Pine Grove Child Development Center, Inc. opened, starting with a Nature

       Study Camp. The summer camp program continued for 6 years. In September,

       the Montessori programs opened at Pine Grove Child Development Center.

       The 3 classrooms housed a Kindergarten and 2 Preschool programs.

       On the lower level there was a kitchen, 2 offices, and the Creative

       Playroom. Barbara Fifield (BJ) was Director / Owner for 25+ years.

  • 2010 - In October, Caremore, LLC purchased the school building

       and Pine Grove School, Inc. purchased the Montessori Preschool

       and K program. Both Pine Grove School, Inc. and Caremore,

       LLC are owned by Kristan Carroll, BJ Fifield’s step-daughter,

       Jim Carroll and Diane Mohr. Both Kristan and Diane,

       administrators of Pine Grove Child Development Center,

       continued in administrative roles at Pine Grove School. BJ Fifield

       retired after 25+ years.

  • 2011 - Pine Grove School returns to its roots with the reinstatement of a

       summer program, “Summer at Pine Grove – A Touch of Montessori”.

  • 2015 - A new toddler program called “Seedlings” is added to program offerings.




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