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Pine Grove has a fund set aside to help facilitate a child’s attendance who, without this assistance,

could not otherwise attend Pine Grove School. The fund is also used as a way to ensure stability for

children in a safe, secure and familiar surrounding when a family is experiencing unstable financial


When scholarship applications are reviewed, many factors are taken into consideration. Income is just one portion of the evaluation. Pine Grove also looks at expenses, number of children in the family, total child care costs, and unusual and unexpected expenses, such as medical bills. We encourage anyone that is not able to pay the full tuition to apply for scholarship. There is no income level that will not be considered.


Most awards are for the full school year and most families received them for multiple years.  Some assistance is also set aside to assist families who experience financial difficulties during the school year. 


Each application is reviewed on an individual basis and therefore awards vary depending on individual circumstances. At this time we are able to grant only partial tuition scholarships.

Approximately 2 - 5 percent of Pine Grove families receive scholarship money each year.

Yes, awards are granted confidentially. Only the Pine Grove board members have access to applications and award notices.

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