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Our expert and caring teachers welcome children into safe and prepared classroom environments each day. They function as supportive and wise guardians, observing and working with children individually or collectively. Our teachers work in teams consisting of a lead teacher and assistant teachers. Lead teachers are Montessori-­certified. Our faculty also includes talents in Spanish, art and music.

Faculty and Staff

Pine Grove supports our faculty through a strong professional development program and provides many opportunities for growth in professional knowledge, skills, and self-­awareness. These opportunities include regular meetings between the administration and each team, mentoring and peer coaching programs, workshops and seminars.


Pine Grove is a healthy, professional, and compassionate environment dedicated to excellence in the field of early childhood education. All teaching and administrative staff have professional preparation. Each staff member at Pine Grove possesses that special quality of being a self-motivated learner and strives to improve their skills and knowledge in order to benefit their students and classroom.


All of Pine Grove teachers:

  • Have a 4 year college degree

  • Are registered with the Maine Roads to Quality Registry (for professional advancement)

  • Attend 40 hours of education workshops and seminars each year (10 above the DHHS requirements)

We know our teachers are the most important bridge between our students’ lives at school and their lives at home. We make sure that all of our teachers have the professional and personal support so they can best implement their classroom plans and focus on the important work of bringing learning to life.


Support provided to teachers includes:

  • 2 week staff Set-up/Orientation time in late August, including workshops and professional development in areas such as:

    • CPR and First Aid

    • Conflict Resolution

    • Communicating with Children

    • Separation and the First Day of School

  • Weekly Team Meetings – teachers plan out curriculum, activities, and discuss children’s progress (Head Teachers also meet with Administration every Monday to coordinate events and discuss school-wide topics.)

  • Planning Time – each teacher has time scheduled to attend to curriculum planning, parent communication, organization and set-up.


New teachers receive the following preliminary training:

  • “Maine Montessori Association Assistant Teacher Training” – new teachers attend a 2 day August foundation class in the Montessori method.

  • “Discovering Montessori”– new teachers attend an on premise 30 week guidance and support class throughout the school year


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