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Welcome to Pine Grove, and thank you for visiting our

website. We hope this glimpse into our warm, diverse,

and enthusiastic community of learners will be

helpful to you. Pine Grove School offers children

an innovative and dynamic program that combines

key aspects of Montessori education with the best practices of current child development research. At Pine Grove, our top priority is to ensure that every day counts for every child; we help each child develop and learn individually at his or her own pace, in his or her own style.     LEARN MORE

We are still accepting applications for the 2024 - 2025 school year and have limited part-time openings available for children ages 3 - 6. Please fill out our enrollment interest form to get started.


We offer tours Tuesday - Friday at either 9:00 or 10:00. Please contact our office to schedule a visit!

Pine Grove is a charming, wood-shingled schoolhouse nestled in a grove of pine trees on Foreside Road in Falmouth, Maine. We offer programs for children 18 months to 6 years old. We are fortunate to border a 27-acre wooded park preserve which provides limitless opportunities for hands-on nature exploration. Classes can often be found in our “courtyard,” walking the nature trail and attending gatherings in the pine grove.


All of our programs feature curriculum based in the Montessori philosophy, which allows your child to choose meaningful activities that foster their imagination, curiosity, and intellect. You can expect a low student to teacher ratio and a strong emphasis on building a peaceful community, developing literacy and math skills, learning the Spanish language, and utilizing creative arts and exploring music in all of our classrooms.



Since our inception in 1985, Pine Grove School has been dedicated to providing an exceptional early childhood education within a warm and diverse community. Our philosophy is based on the principles

of Maria Montessori who believed that children are naturally curious and when

given the opportunity to explore their own interests, they more readily

internalize the concepts. Our classrooms are vibrant communities of

joyful learning, where we strive to nurture a child's innate curiosity,

creativity, intellect, independence and sense of community.


                                   Dr. Maria Montessori studied the development of

                                        children and created a theory of education based on

                                             the premise that children are inherently self-motivated

                                               learners. She believed that this quality could best be nurtured

                                                 and developed in a carefully prepared environment that supports active learning with

                                                   hands-on materials and which empowers the child's capabilities and competencies. In such an                                                         environment, children develop self-esteem, independence, and a love for learning that provides                                                          a solid foundation for their entire school experience and stays with them throughout their                                                               lives.



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