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Ten Little Pumpkins

Fall is in full swing and the seedlings are really enjoying our new fall works and songs. For the past week we have been practicing a new class favorite, “The Leaves are Falling Down”. The children have begun to memorize the words and follow along with the hand movements.

We sing this song as a part of our morning greeting and also during morning recess. We have been watching the leaves as they fall each day and the children have found some beautiful leaves to bring into our classroom where they can put them in our nature basket.

During the last week of October we colored pumpkins, carved a giant pumpkin, and made pumpkin waffles for snack. The class helped with the pumpkin carving process and children had the opportunity to explore the seeds and pulp. It won’t be long before the words to our favorite song change from “The Leaves are Falling Down” to “The Snow is Falling Down”.

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