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Down by the Station

Our Seedlings have discovered the world of “Big Books”. We are lucky to have such a great little library here at Pine Grove, which is also home to some giant books. These giant books have changed the meaning of story time in our classroom.

It all began with a classic tale called Down by the Station. We brought the big book out one day and the children began to sing along. Since the first one was such a hit, we decided to add a few more to our classroom collection. One book in particular, If You Give a Pig a Pancake, was requested multiple times in a row.

The “Big Books” are so exciting for the class because every friend has the opportunity to look at the beautiful pictures. A wave of peace seems to wash over the class during these reading times. We are so fortunate to have discovered these books so that we can enjoy them for the remainder of the year. We are now on the hunt for a turkey book!

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