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A Walk through India

This past week our class was excited to have a special guest. One of our Seedling’s families had spent two weeks in India celebrating a wedding. They brought back some native music, instruments, a book, and pictures for us to look at.

We first looked at the pictures from the wedding and loved seeing the dresses and flowers. Then we were introduced to some new instruments, the favorite was the Ghungaroo (bells to wear around your feet while dancing.) Once each child had an instrument, we began following the beat of a beautiful song.

After dancing with the bells on, we read a book called “A Bucket of Blessings” by Kabir and Surishtha Shegal. The children really enjoyed the story, which followed a monkey’s journey to find water and make the world more beautiful. It was a morning to remember and we are so fortunate to have learned about a new culture!

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