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Preschool: New Beginnings

Our Preschool friends are already off to a busy start, as the cool autumn air sets in. There is an overall sense of joy and curiosity as the children learn, and review for returning students, the ropes of the classroom. The Practical Life area, in particular, is always a popular place to be. The children are drawn to beautiful works such as tweezing bumble bees, cutting wooden vegetables and pouring colorful pompoms.

One child is observed scanning the Practical Life shelf and confidently choosing a block stacking work. She carefully carries the work to the table, using both hands as shown by her teachers, places the basket on the table and sits down. After completing the tower, she proudly smiles and admires her work. With a careful hand, she places each block back into the basket and returns the work to the appropriate place on the shelf.

The purposes of our practical life works are many: to promote independence and self-care, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, respect and care for the environment and for one another, as well as helping the child develop concentration and a sense of order.

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