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Seedlings: Morning Circle

As we begin this new school year, we are excited to welcome so many new (and returning) families into our Seedlings classroom. It can always be a sensitive time for our young friends during this transition but all of our friends are doing great overall in their new environment and having a wonderful time exploring.

A daily event in our classroom is our morning circle. We gather on the carpet at 9:30 am for a few songs and a story. It took a few days for everyone to settle into our group period, but we were thrilled when all of our friends were sitting and showing interest in the story. Our group circles include several songs including “5 Little Ducks”, a traditional “Good Morning” song, a song about the days of the week and a weather song. A few of the Seedlings are practicing the hand motions for the songs and the entire class is doing a great job at listening to the words being sung.

We are so excited to expand our circle time as time progresses and for the children to begin to sing along. We will also be working on sign language during this time!

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