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Seedlings: Fire Drill

Our first Fire Drill of the year happened last Friday! During our morning circle we read a book about firefighters, hoping to set the stage for what would happen later during recess. While we were outside, we explained to the children that we were going to have a fire drill and that they would hear a loud beep.

We practiced holding onto our yellow rope and walked around our playground a few times. When the alarm went off, the children looked confused but were excited to hold the yellow rope. We did our best to walk in a straight line over to our designated spot in the parking lot. The children did a great job and were excited to see siblings from other classrooms.

After all of the classrooms had been dismissed back to the school, we were able to explore the fire truck and ambulance and have a good look. The children were excited to see the huge tires, buttons, and hose. It was a great first drill and helps us to develop our “walking in a line” skills.

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