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Seedlings: Building Concentration

After settling into our routine for about a month, we have begun to explore more advanced works in all areas of the classroom, including practical life, language, and math. The children are working hard each day developing their concentration which allows them to make independent choices and move on to more advanced works in all of the core Montessori areas of the classroom.

The children are now sitting with their works for a good fifteen minutes. In practical life, they are using spoons, tongs, and a few of our friends have started bead stringing. The children love watching their friends who have mastered specific works.

Developing concentration is one of the main focuses of the Montessori curriculum. Through interaction with the Montessori classroom, children are learning self-control and are making independent choices. It is great to see the children come into the classroom and go straight to their favorite work, grounding them for their morning work time.

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