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Pre-Primary: Bananas Taste Better When They Are Sliced

Fruits and vegetables are a regular part of the classroom snack each day. Most of the children eat different types of each; bananas are one of the more popular fruits on the menu. However, as we discovered, when children get to slice their bananas with a very cool banana shaped slicer, everyone wants to eat bananas!

Luda brought in a wooden, banana shaped banana slicer for a Practical Life work. The children peeled the banana, then laid the banana flat on a plate with the slicer on top of the banana. With two hands, they pushed the slicer down through the banana with squeals of joy. They would place their banana pieces on their plate and bring the plate to the snack table. Two children decided that even though they did not usually like bananas, they did like bananas they had sliced. Other children speculated on whether they could slice other things with the slicer, like avocados or apples. Regardless of what fruit or vegetable is on offer, children enjoy the ones they participate in preparing.

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