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Seedlings: Recycling Can Make the Best Work

Throughout the year in the Seedlings classroom we are constantly preparing the environment including rotating works on the shelves. Some of the most popular works come from basic household items. With a little imagination, you can put together a purposeful work for your child at home with items in your recycling bin.

One work that came out at the beginning of the year was a slotted container with poker chips. The vessel was a recycled coffee container with a slit made in the lid. The children were given a group lesson and then were free to choose the work.

The slotted container can be found on the practical life shelf. It requires concentration and hand eye coordination to get the chips into the small slit on the lid. The children can also practice jar opening with this work. Digging through your recycling bin at home can be a great rainy day project for you and your child.

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