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Pre-Primary: Practicing For Mother’s Day Tea…

The children gathered around a friend at the Practical Life table. A new work had been presented: pouring with a small, ceramic teapot and carrying the teacup. There were whispers in the room of a special event for the moms of the Pre-Primary class called Mother’s Day Tea. There was only water in the little teapot and cup, but they eagerly prepared for the real day.

A girl organizes the teacup on the saucer, ensuring it is directly in the center. She holds the teapot handle in her right hand and steadies it with her left. She aims into the center of the cup. The water slowly trickles out. When it reaches halfway up the cup, she sets the teapot down. Other children beside her are saying, “I want it when you’re done” and “Can I have a turn?” She does not respond. She is focusing on carrying the teacup over to the slop bucket into which she will dump the water. She returns to the teapot and begins pouring again.

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