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Seedlings: Flower Arranging, Social Graces and Bring Mom to School Day

One morning recently at circle we let the children know that there was a new work we were excited to share with them. This work was located in the Practical Life area and made of brightly colored felt and plastic pieces. All of the children tend to notice new works and are curious about any new activity. Kate presented this work at circle carefully stretching felt flower shapes onto buttons. Once finished, Kate quietly tiptoed behind Klara and tapped her on the shoulder. “ Surprise, Klara. Happy Mother’s Day!” she said, and presented Klara with the bouquet of flowers. The children smiled and laughed at Klara and Kate playing this game with each other.

Later that week the children were able to present their guests, at bring Mom to School Day, with real flowers that they had worked on planting with Klara. The friends truly enjoyed making flowers for teachers and for each other this week. This activity promotes concentration, fine motor control, hand eye coordination and social graces.

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