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Seedlings: Nature Play in the Courtyard

This past week we had the chance to take all of the children out to the courtyard behind our playground. This trip gave the group a chance to explore the randomness of the natural landscape and have an entirely new experience together. Children moved across the terrain bright eyed and bushy tailed. Some friends climbed across the big rock and began to scoot down on the slope on the other side. There were lots of pine needles and friends started to see how fun it was to slide into a groove on the rock that was piled up with soft pine needles. Small hands stopped to feel the roughness of bark and the softness of moss.

Some friends stopped to collect leaves, pinecones and acorns. Our young friends enjoyed the challenge of weaving their way through the saplings, over roots and climbing up the big hollow stump at the top of the hill. When we came inside to gather for our second circle we asked the children what they saw outside that morning. Friends took turns sharing what they saw outside on the courtyard. “I saw the moon” said a girl. “Wind”, said a boy. “Lots of leaves”, said another friend. All of this exploration with young friends fosters curiosity while building confidence.

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