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Pre-Primary: The first day back from vacation…

The Monday after February vacation had a feeling of calm, despite the indoor drop-off. Kids wandered into the classroom and chose toys from the rainy day recess box. Some children built with Lincoln logs and Legos, others rolled marbles through the Marble Works tower that had been constructed. The lights flicked off and a clean-up message was given. The children and teachers worked together and got all the toys in bags and rugs rolled up and put away. They found their spots at circle and sat criss-cross, looking attentively at Debbie, waiting for a friend’s birthday circle to begin.

As we arrive at the 100th day of the school, the children’s growth is apparent. How few messages need to be given, how the children understand the routine of the classroom, what they need to be doing and where they need to be. The majority of children join in to clean-up, even if they were not playing with toys. They sit quietly at circle whether they are listening or lost in their own thoughts. They choose works from the shelves and are gentle and respectful with them. They try to be gentle and respectful with one another. Our Pre-Primary children have grown so much this this year!

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