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Pre-Primary: Preparing for the auction…

As the Pine Grove auction approaches, the Pre-Primary class has been preparing our contribution. We have been learning about Germany and about a German artist named Franz Marc. His paintings possess bright, bold colors that are full of meaning. The author and illustrator Eric Carle even wrote a children’s book about one of his paintings, called “The Man Who Painted A Blue Horse”. The children have been decorating a table in the spirit of this book!

Completing the table has involved priming, decoupage, painting and sanding. The children have participated in each step, taking great pride in their work, especially the decoupage! We have been amazed by their dedication, careful work and skill with this lengthy process. Recently, two children were admiring the blue horse on the table. One child pointed to a piece of blue decoupage, “I made that!” she said excitedly. The other child indicated a yellow background piece that he had placed. The first child ran one finger down the table leg and examined the yellow paint more closely. The two children spent five minutes admiring their work.

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