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Pre-Primary: The Beginning…

The beginning of the school year is full of information, directions, schedules and excitement for the children (and parents!). The children have adjusted to the daily routine and have discovered preferred works in the classroom. They have learned to invite classmates to join them for two person works. On the playground, they dig holes as deep as they can, race around the play structure and swing. They delight in getting to play with children from other classrooms and visiting with former and future teachers. Their days are busy and have many parts to them; we ask a great deal of them every day. And every day they rise to meet the demands that are placed on them.

The children line up many times during the day. They stand quietly, with their hands at their sides, waiting for the other children to be called to join the line. Waiting can be challenging, as is keeping their hands to themselves. But they have already learned that that is how we stand in line as a group. Each child has learned that this is one of their responsibilities. They take pride in their ability to follow the rules and follow the classroom routine

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