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Mirror Polishing

The children entered the classroom with joy and curiosity as they noticed all the new works in the Practical Life area. Excited voices were overheard, “What’s this work?!” and “I want to try that work!” The shelves were filled with new materials such as sand sweeping, wooden fruit cutting and mirror polishing. It was a lively morning in Preschool.

The mirror polishing work was presented at morning circle and one child was observed eagerly choosing it during work time. She grasped the small tray with two hands, carefully carried it to the table and sat down in front of it. Her eyes were glowing as if she had just received a new toy. She gently grasped the tiny pipette and slowly twisted off the top, squeezing a small amount of water into the glass tube. With precision and focus, she let two little drops out from the dropper and onto the center of the mirror, counting, “One… two”. She placed the dropper back into the bottle, tightly twisting it closed. Now she was ready to do some polishing as she pinched a cotton ball from the bowl, remembering to only take one. With circular motions, she polished the mirror around and around until it was spotless. The child was beaming with pride and admired her work as she held up her sparkling mirror and smiled back at herself.

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