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Kindergarten: The 100th Day of School

“Let’s count how many days left until the 100th day of school!” Every morning at circle time, inevitably, a child would make this request as the anticipation of reaching the 100th day drew closer. 10 more days, 7 more days, 1 more day… The children planned what they would bring in for our “100s Museum” and practiced counting by 10’s with excitement.

On this special day, bags of carefully sorted items began to arrive to add to our museum. 100 Legos, 100 seashells, 100 stickers, and more covered our shelves that morning. During work time, the children read stories about the number 100 and did many math works revolving around this special number. At the end of our day, each child showed what they brought and explained how they counted to 100 (by 10’s, by 5’s, or by 1’s) and was met with “oohs and ahhs” and a round of applause. Another joyful day of learning in our classroom!

(The 100 Chain, A Montessori Math Work)

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