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Pre-Primary: The first days of school…

The first days of school are filled with excitement and uncertainty. Everything is new, from people to activities to eating snack; we ask so much of these children and they amazingly rise to the challenge and succeed, gaining independence and confidence in their abilities.

During the first week of school, some of the older children were pouring water for themselves from the pitcher at the snack table. Two of our first year friends observed their older peers getting themselves water from the pitcher and immediately rushed to get themselves water. They asked a teacher for help finding their individual cups. Then they took turns pouring a splash of water into their cups. They each had 3 or 4 turns, each time just pouring a splash! The two held the pitcher with two hands, just as they had seen their peers do. The next day, both children confidently went to the water pitcher again and poured themselves water.

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