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Preschool: When I Make Silence

“When I make silence I breathe deeply, I imagine my breath is like an ocean’s wave gently rolling in, then out.” During our first Peace circle of the school year, the concept of silence was introduced to the children. A small book called When I Make Silence by Jennifer Howard was shared with the children to help explain the importance of having silent moments of reflection.

A candle was lit in the middle of the circle. The children were invited to close their eyes and listen for the clock ticking. They were invited to place their hand on their hearts and feel their hearts beating as well as smell the melting candle. Lastly, the children were invited to lie down and imagine they are snowflakes softly falling to the ground.

Making silence has become a regular part of our morning circle routine. Together we take two big deep breaths and practice making a moment of silence. The children are reminded that everyone must participate by keeping a calm and still body and turning their voices off. This has quickly become a peaceful and grounding way to start the day.

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