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Seedlings: Establishing a Sense of Order

At first glance, the Practical Life Area allows a child to work independently using their hands to grasp objects and transfer items into a variety of containers. The child can choose to use a variety of tools from the shelves. We have spoons, cups, pitchers and tongs among many other enticing materials for the children to choose from. The nuanced role of these materials allow a child to gain independence, become confident and establish order.

The Seedlings have been working hard at tables in the Practical Life area. Tonging pom-poms, placing beads into ice trays, and fitting hoops onto a pegs on a wooden horse are a few favorites. As children work we can observe the concentration. With practice the children are gaining coordination over their movements. Children are carrying trays to tables and with some encouragement are often able to tidy up and return works to the shelf.

For a young child the act of choosing a material, working at a table and then returning the work back to the shelf helps to establish order for the work cycle. Working independently our young friends gain confidence and have begun to won the classroom as their first home away from home.

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