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Preschool: Seasons

“Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.

There are seasons, four in all.

Weather changes.

Sun and rain and snow.

Leaves fall down and

flowers grow.”

As part of our History curriculum, we discuss with the children the passage of time. There are many fun activities, songs and projects that can help the children begin to comprehend the idea of seasons. Every morning the children help with the calendar. We make note of the day of the week, the month, year, weather and season.

When talking about the seasons, the children begin to relate and understand as they think of the different clothing we wear or activities we do during different times of the year. They begin to understand that in the summer, the sun tilts towards the earth, making it hot here in Maine. In the winter, the sun tilts away from the earth, making it cold.

Some of the children recently participated in a seasonal art project during afternoon enrichment. A piece of paper was provided for them, which was divided into quadrants, one for each season. The children glued a paper tree into each box and used colored paper to envision what that tree might look like during each season. In the winter, perhaps it is covered in snow. In the spring, perhaps it is covered in pink flower blossoms. The children were creative and thoughtful with their artwork!

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