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Kindergarten: Let’s Take Care of the Earth!

This year’s Earth Day celebration was filled with several fun activities for the children to enjoy. We spent the last few weeks building up to our Earth Day celebration by talking about ways to care for our planet during weekly peace circles. The children are very invested in their role as caretakers, often finding bits of trash on the playground and courtyard to throw away.

Nature journals were created by the children to take home as a way to continue their exploration and appreciation of nature outside of school. The children also worked on an art project, making a heart shape out of the outline of their hands and gluing it on a circle painted in blues and greens. A messy art station was also available for the children to make little model earths out of paste and cotton balls. We baked the cotton balls after dipping them in the paste so that they hardened. The kids loved the sensorial experience of playing with the slimey paste as they dipped cotton balls in the blue and green paste trays. The day ended as it should have, on our playground enjoying a beautiful early spring day in Maine.

“When children come into contact with nature, they reveal their strength.”

Maria Montessori

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