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Preschool: Letter Sounds

“Aaa…aaa…apple” a child enthusiastically volunteered to match a toy apple to the letter “a” during a literacy presentation. The children joyfully raised their hands to participate in matching a basket of objects to the correct initial letter sound. Montessori education focuses on the letter sound first before the letter name in preparation for reading.

Since the start of the school year, we have focused on a new letter sound each week. Each letter is first introduced by inviting the children to stand and practice “sky writing” (forming the letter in the air with hand and arm motion). Next an Alpha Tales book is read aloud (a series of humorous stories designed to help the children recognize letters and the sounds they make; for example, Jaguar’s Jungleberry Jamboree). The children are also invited to come and trace the sandpaper letter with their finger and/or practice writing it on the white board if they are able.

The Preschool children have made huge strides since the start of the school year in learning their letter sounds. Through a variety of group activities and one-on-one lessons, they all have made excellent progress!

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