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Kindergarten: Class Meeting

Recently, the Kindergarten class participated in a class meeting on a Tuesday morning. The purpose of the class gathering together was to make our little community stronger and to discuss things that are happening in our classroom. This past week’s meeting focused on how we can all be helpers to one another. We talked about what being a helper means and what actions are helpful ones. The kids volunteered ideas such as helping a classmate roll up a work mat, teaching someone how to do a work, and assisting a classmate in getting dressed. We concluded our meeting by introducing the communication basket where the kids can draw pictures and write notes about how they helped or were helped in the classroom. We will share those notes at our next meeting!

“What is social life if not the solving of social problems, behaving properly and pursuing aims acceptable to all? [It is not] sitting side by side and hearing someone else talk…” – Dr. Maria Montessori, page 225, The Absorbent Mind

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