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Preschool: Outdoor Clothing

“Snow pants, boots, coat and hat, coat and hat. Snow pants, boots, coat and hat, coat and hat. The last things we put on are our mittens and our scarves. Snow pants, boots, coat and hat, coat and hat.”

The children have been practicing this song to help them remember the order in which to put on their outdoor clothing. The song is sung to the tune of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and we encourage you to sing it with your child at home. For preschool age children, getting ready to go outside in the colder months can be a daunting and overwhelming task at first. With a few quick tips and tricks, though, many of the children are well on their way to doing it on their own.

In the classroom, the children begin with their snow pants. Next come boots. We recommend boots that are easy for them to pull on. Velcro is an excellent choice as opposed to laces. The third step, is putting on their coats. The children practice the “flip trick”. They place the collar or hood of their coat by their feet, put their arms in the sleeves and flip it over their head. Zippers can be challenging. If a child needs assistance, we typically get the zipper started at the bottom and encourage them to zip it all the way to the top. Lastly, the children practice putting on their hats and mittens. We have found that most children are much more successful putting on mittens as opposed to gloves. Waterproof mittens tend to keep their hands warmer.

Together, we can help the children by allowing them a few extra minutes to practice donning their outdoor clothing independently before heading out the door. Be consistent with the items they bring to school each day so they can easily recognize which items belong to them. Please label all articles of clothing (even boots) as many of the children have the same or similar items. Thank you for helping to foster your child’s independence!

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