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Preschool: The Moveable Alphabet

Typically at this time of year we begin to see more activity in the classroom with the moveable alphabet from the Language area. This material is very versatile and can be used many different ways for children at all different levels. Currently, many of the children have been very enthusiastic about a particular letter sound game. This game includes the moveable alphabet, a basket of objects (one to correspond with each of the 26 letters in the alphabet) and a toy dump truck. Two work rugs are set up; one for the letters and one for the objects. The game can be played with several children as they each take turns choosing an object, listening to the initial sound and fetching the corresponding letter sound with the dump truck.

Some of the children have moved beyond initial sound games into middle vowel sound activities. Each vowel has a box containing several objects which all contain the same vowel sound in the middle. The child can practice building the words with the moveable alphabet, self-check with the printed words and then write the words if she wishes. The key purpose of the moveable alphabet is to prepare the child for writing, reading and spelling all while having fun!

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