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Kindergarten: Class Surveys

Recently, survey taking has captured the interest of many children in the classroom. A great learning experience for both the survey taker and the child who is asked questions for the survey. One survey topic was “how many people are in your family?”. It was interesting to observe children stopping to think and count out loud all the members of their family. Very few knew the number right off the top of their head! The survey taker had to practice grace and courtesy while politely interrupting children at work to ask the question. They also had to practice recording the information on a chart or graph. The children have come up with so many great ideas on their own for surveys, as well! Favorite color, favorite animal, favorite food, and favorite toy were all great ideas the kids came up with for new survey ideas. This is sure to be a work we will do all year long!

“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.”Maria Montessori

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