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Seedlings: The Practical Life Area

Over the past weeks the children have been exploring new works in the Practical Life area of the classroom. Activities like zippering vests or buttoning a dressing frame can assist a child to master these tasks. Montessori had other reasons for presenting these life skills in the classroom however.

Two and three year olds are particularly motivated to learn how to do these tasks independently. After watching adults help with tasks like dressing and cleaning your child is eager to do this work on her own.

Confidence, building Independence and establishing order are the outcomes of your child's efforts. Montessori referred to these as the "direct aims". So as a child works towards mastery of specific skills she is also building confidence and coordination. Montessori saw that this key component of independence was important to nurture the spirit of the child.

"To give children freedom and be watchful and ready is not easy, but we must be prepared to do all this." Maria Montessori

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