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Preschool: Food Prep

The school smelled of crispy home fries and the Preschool children were eager to try a taste of their culinary creation. Days prior to baking this afternoon treat; the children practiced scrubbing and chopping potatoes in the practical life area of our classroom. Once all the potatoes were scrubbed and chopped, we tossed them with a little oil and salt and baked them to perfection. Many of the children were delighted by this tasty snack.

Food preparation is always a fun work choice for young children as they practice independence, concentration and coordination. The children have also recently practiced squeezing oranges to make fresh juice. Next up, we’ll be making “ants on a log” with celery, sun butter and raisins. We encourage you to involve your child in food prep at home in the kitchen as well. The possibilities are endless.

“Little children from the moment they are weaned are making their way toward independence.”

-Maria Montessori

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