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Pre-Primary: It was a Dark and Stormy Day…

September blew out with a gust of wind and sheets of rain…our first true rainy day at Pine Grove. The children spent the day entranced by new creative play items that appeared in the classroom during the indoor recess such as Legos and magnet blocks. We did movement songs and found as many ways as possible to get our bodies moving without actually running around our classroom.

One of the activities we learned and participated in was the song “Singing in the Rain”. As we formed a circle, all the bodies were wiggling and ready to move, bouncing on the line almost twitching with energy. As the teachers began to belt out the song, the children’s reactions were priceless; either staring completely mesmerized or slowly doing parts of the movements while watching the teachers. The song repeats and is full of absolute silliness. By the final verses, the children were all moving to try to keep time and imitate the teachers, giggling at the lyrics, and then giggling even harder when seeing their teachers and friends try to keep time with the lyrics and movements. The final verse has everyone with their tongues out; the group dissolved into full on laughter with everyone a part of the mirth. The children were all smiles and joy despite the storm thundering through outside. Sunny days are wonderful, but rainy days add a whole new element of play, creativity and community to our little classroom. This one song reminded us all of that!

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