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Make new friends…

During the month of January, four new friends joined our class. The returning children have struck a balance between mentoring, engaging the new children and letting the teachers know about any rule breaking! As our new children learn the routine of the classroom, how to do works and how to be at school, their returning peers are remembering how to welcome and make new friends.

“She cut in line!” shouted a boy as the children lined up to come in from morning recess..A new friend had joined the line in the middle where there was an open spot. The rest of the children milled around and paid little attention to where anyone was lining up. A teacher quietly reminded the new friend to please line up from the back, then approached the boy who called out. The teacher reminded him that this friend is new and is learning how to be at school and do things like line up. The teacher also reminded the boy that he could gently show the friend how and where to line up. He nodded and said “okay”.

Later that same morning, a young friend cut in line to go downstairs to get dressed for recess. A girl took the new friend’s hand and said “ We have to go in the back” and guided the friend to the back of the line. She continued to hold the new friend’s hand and whisper to them. Sometimes guidance and friendship go hand in hand.

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