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A Mexican Cultural Celebration…

“Hola!” and “Buenos dias!” has been ringing out in the Pre-Primary classroom. The study of Mexico has brought many exciting opportunities and ideas for the children. They have loved wearing the poncho and sombreros while playing the maracas. Many children have worked on counting in Spanish and learning about the history of Mexico as well as Aztec history. In March, we welcomed parent volunteers into our room for our cultural celebration.

Children created maracas with tissue paper and toilet paper rolls. They molded pots from clay and made enchiladas for snack. Each child worked on a book about Mexico; some are still saving them and working on them in the classroom today! At the end of the morning, the children wore sombreros and learned the Mexican Hat Dance. The morning was completed with a folk tale called The Rabbit and Coyote.

A good time was had by all!

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