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Practicing Peace with Others...

As we come to the end of our peace unit that focused on creating peace with others, the class learned at a recent peace circle how to give one another a compliment.

We began our circle talking about what a compliment is, what it sounds like, and why we would give a compliment to another person. “A compliment is when you say something nice to someone else”, “You say it in a kind voice and look the other person in the eye”, and “We give compliments when someone does something you like” were some of the ideas that the children came up with during our discussion.

Next, we practiced giving one another a compliment. The children were asked to think of something that they liked about a friend and then share it with the chosen child. Taking turns, many children volunteered to give a compliment, while others who did not want to take a turn politely watched.

A wonderful thing started to happen. The children began to really think about the other person and give a personal compliment. “I really like the way you draw” and “You are always nice to me on the playground” were two of many compliments that the children came up with.

Best of all, the looks on the faces of the children receiving the compliments! Shy smiles, big grins, and even a little blushing were seen around the circle.

The children learned that it’s certainly nice to be acknowledged for a kind act or a talent and they also learned that giving the compliment is perhaps the most important act of all.

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