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Seedlings: Earth Day

Last week we celebrated Earth Day in our classroom. We had many special projects leading up to our big project- paper making! The Seedlings were excited to color pictures of the earth. We also talked about the Earth during our morning circle and read books about recycling. The Seedlings were also excited to be able to use the compost again.

To make paper, the children all ripped recycled paper into small pieces. We then combined the paper in a bucket and added water. After letting the water absorb overnight, we were able to continue the paper making process the following day.

The seedlings were all too excited to stick their hands in the bucket to begin mixing the paper pulp. We then spread the pulp out onto a screen and let it dry in the sun. The paper was a beautiful shade of pink!

It was a fantastic way to introduce the children to the Earth and why we must take care of it.

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