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Seedlings: Bonjour, Seedlings Class!

On Wednesday we had our first French Lesson with Madame Denise. After our work period and snack time we gathered on the carpet and waited patiently for our new visitor. Our French lesson began at 10 am and lasted around 10 minutes, just long enough to hold the children’s attention and briefly expose them to this new language.

The children are always in awe when Madame Denise enters the classroom. She comes carrying her bag full of goodies and the children are mesmerized by the new language. Madame Denise teaches the kids a welcome song, “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and brings out her puppets named Lisette and Jerome. After our French lesson ended, a few of the Seedlings ran into Madame Denise on the playground and said “Bonjour”.

We cannot wait to have more French lessons over the next few months. In addition to teaching French, Madame Denise also incorporates sign language. We will continue to practice what we have learned during our French class throughout the week.

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