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Pre-Primary: Snowflakes…

The first snowflakes fell from the sky recently. Children ran to the windows to watch, others rushed to nearby teachers, calling out “Look! The snow! Snow!” The majority of the classroom took a moment and gazed out the window at the beauty of the first snowfall.

Three days a week, a small group of 7 or 8 Pre-Primary children have an extra half hour of play in the pine grove or in the courtyard during work time. Each child has the opportunity for this time once a week. On this particular snowy day, the 7 children could not be more excited to get outside and play! After digging through cubbies, bags and even the lost and found, all the children were dressed in outdoor gear that was appropriate for the weather. Once outside, the line of children almost immediately came to a dead stop as everyone stuck out their tongues to capture a few snowflakes. They laughed as the snow melted on their cheeks and noses.

Once they arrived on the courtyard, they began to make soup with the snow and even tried to make snowballs! Using sticks, two girls created a snow pile while some other friends slid on their bottoms down the big rock. This change in weather brought new types of play and joy to each child on the courtyard.

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