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Pre-Primary: So many math works, so little time…

Currently, the Math area is full of simple activities and works. Puzzles in this area involve putting the numerals in order based on the pieces. Many of the children have discovered these puzzles and have actively mastered them. Problem solving, number identification and sequencing are all important aspects of child’s developing mathematical mind.

Three friends began a work time by sitting together at the math table doing individual works. Each friend had a different puzzle, some include 1-10, one has numerals up to 25. Each child says different numerals quietly, “3! That’s 3…” says one child and looks at the other pieces, trying to decide what to do with the 3. The friend next him points to 2, “2! It goes with 2. Where’s 1?” 2 and 3 fit together and the children examine the other pieces searching for the elusive numeral 1. As the pieces connect to one another, the children can tell if the numerals are in the correct order. A key factor in any work is the child being able to tell if the work is completed correctly. Eventually, all three puzzles were completed with a little bit of teamwork along the way.

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