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Pre-Primary: The Falmouth Food Pantry

For our winter Community Outreach, the Pre-Primary class has been collecting goods for the Falmouth Food Pantry. So many items have already come in and the kids are so proud! We read a story called The Quiltmaker’s Journey which focuses on a woman who gave up wealth to make quilts for the poor. The children asked a lot of questions about why people don’t have enough and what words like “generous”, “giving” and “poverty” mean.

One topic that came up was that the people need things beyond food, such as toothpaste and soap. Some of the children were stunned that these types of supplies were deemed important, “I wouldn’t want that! I want the Cheez-its!” one child informed his teacher and friends. The food drive has created a great deal of meaningful conversation and perspective about the needs of the people in their very own community.

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