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Pre-Primary: The Benefit of Extra Time Outdoors…

As milder weather rolls in, opportunity arises for longer time periods of outdoor play. One morning, the Pre-Primary class played on the playground until 9, then headed inside for circle and work time. The extra time pushed back the regular schedule, but the difference it made was palpable. The children sat calmly at circle, so focused and ready to participate. The presentation was the introduction to Africa as a new area of study in geography. They quietly listened to a book and raised their hands to ask questions or make comments that were consistently on topic. After the children were dismissed, the teachers commented on the level of calm during circle.

This calm carried over into work time; children were a little more focused, a little more settled, the volume in the classroom was a little quieter than usual. The children were busy, productive and happy; the benefit of getting that energy out, to run, dig, swing and join in dramatic play proved to be beneficial in a multitude of ways.

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” Mr. Rogers

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