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Preschool: Nature Exploration

In celebration of Earth Day, some of the children, during afternoon enrichment, painted recycled toilet paper rolls to make into “nature viewers”. The children were very excited and each painted their viewer with many cheerful colors. Once their viewers were dry, a teacher helped form them into binocular like tools. The following Monday was sunny and warm and we prepared to head out on an adventure into the woods with our projects.

Before heading out, first we reviewed our nature walk rules. The teacher invited the children to participate in reminding each other of the rules. One child raised her hand and shared, “we use walking feet”. Another child shared, “whisper voices so we don’t scare the animals”. We discussed what types of signs of spring we might see. As we peacefully entered the woods, the children were quietly giggling as they used their viewers to spot insects, birds, flowers, mushrooms and more. It was a very special nature walk, to say the least. After our adventure, the children were encouraged to use their nature viewers at home in their yards, at the beach and anywhere else they might like to enjoy nature’s beauty.

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