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Pre-Primary: Rock painting…

Certain works appear in the classroom that mesmerize the children. One such work is rock painting in the language area. Before the children are shown how to use the work, they find a basket of rocks, a paintbrush and a little bowl on a tray on the shelf. They explore the rocks and dust the dry paintbrush over the entire work. Some of the second year children recognize the work and ask to get water for the little bowl. The work was finally demonstrated at circle and it has been in high demand ever since!

A second year child chose the rock painting work. She carried the tray to the language table carefully. She approached a teacher and asked to go into the hallway to get water in the little bowl. As she returned to her work, she cupped the bowl in both hands, treading lightly, looking side to side making sure not to spill even a drop of water. She placed her bowl on the tray and picked up her paintbrush. She held the brush in the tripod grip and painted every inch of the rock. When one side of the rock was completely painted, she turned the rock over and continued. She didn’t look up as the business of the classroom swelled around her, she remained engrossed in her work.

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